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Our world today is rife with cheap fiberboard furniture, cobbled together by robotic staple machines on assembly lines. Such furniture can last for months.

We offer quality crafted wood furniture.

Tom has dedicated much of his life to mastering traditional woodworking methods. He creates carefully hand-crafted furniture from a selection of superior hardwoods. He evaluates the wood for grain-pattern, texture, density, balance and color, with the trained eye of a master craftsman and the heart of a true artist. Careful attention to detail ensures a superior product that will grace your home with a simple and lasting beauty. Thomas William Furniture will last for generations.

Thank you for making your way to the website. The work is always changing--images are added and furniture is being completed--so visit often! Be sure to check the various likings at this site for “2019 Collection” and more, or contact us to discuss that special piece that will make your home uniquely you! Also, the art show listings are current, so plan to stroll through an art fair.

We appreciate your stopping by, and we would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

~Tom and Linda Dumke, Owners

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