Creating From Within

Sometimes we artists feel like Rumpelstiltskin, who had the magical powers to spin gold from straw.  There is this kind of magic within us, having many facets, which, combined, enable us to create a new kind of beauty.

First, there is a deep feeling for a specific subject.  It may be a love of nature, an awareness of catching something special at just the right time, in just the right light, or even the spontaneous blending of color and form, which leads us to continue creating until the subject feels complete.

With this as motivation, a second facet is the courage to try to portray this insight.  We must leap over our doubts and fear of failure.  Self-confidence and a faith in Someone stronger than ourselves can be vital at this point.

A third factor is experience, an open mind, and the willingness to try new subjects and techniques, which lead us to growth and continued success.  Marvelous creations do happen early on in our work, but greater insight is gained through familiarity with the elements of our media.  

Continuous evaluation of our work as it progresses is our quality control.  The awareness of when to stop working is a final facet of creation.

At this point, having come through each stage of creation always searching for a better technique, greater insight, a more meaningful statement - we are surprised and humbled by our own creations - as if some special magic flowed through our minds and fingertips, enabling us to arrive at a creation greater than the sum of its parts.

~Connie Glowacki, Artisit

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