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Shop Tour:  Thomas William Furniture Expanding Workshop

We are making things more efficient here at Thomas William Furniture.  Tom is a one man shop and we are thinking of ways to utilize his shop space more effectively and making it a tad more efficient.  So we have decided to do a bump out for the dust collector and air compressor.

Back in 2001 when we built the shop, we built it conservatively to accommodate the business that we had currently as well as the cash flow.  However, after thirteen years and with another ten to fifteen in front of us, we are trying to make use of the current space we have without any major construction and any major cost. 

Both our home and shop are on 2.2 acres in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin also known as Lake Country area. The shop is 50’ from our garage of our home.   A nice commute to work especially with the Winter season upon us.  It snowed on Friday. . . just flurries but it was snow. 

Tom has gotten a good start on it; however, tomorrow, Tom will have some help along with Darin, finishing on a bump out on the 900 square foot shop.  We are bumping out a 3’x 7’ closet to put the dust collector and air compressor.  The purpose of the bump out is to keep the noise down and dust.  We are removing the non-productive machinery and placing it in a closet of its own to leave more room for machines and wood movement.  This is much needed for Tom with the amount of production he does in his one man shop. 


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