Juror's Award

Tom was awarded at Main Street Art Festival a Juror's Award.  Main Street is a juried arts festival which is a big deal, especially if you're ranked in the Top 3 juried Fine Arts Festivals in the country. They take this responsibility seriously! Only one in seven artists who apply each year are accepted, meaning the works along Main Street represent the best of the best, from all over the country.

Under the white tents stretching over nine continuous blocks, is the festival's "heart and soul," a city-wide exhibit featuring Made-in-USA originals represented by the artists who craft them. The most satisfying art purchases are those where you hear the stories behind the beauty, and meet the artists who have brought these stories to life. It is this face-to-face interaction makes each art purchase special and long-term. You'll feel the incredible satisfaction of knowing everything there is to know about the art you've collected.

At Main Street, there is an enormous range of artwork, from sculpture to paintings, from the dramatic to the whimsical, along one, easy-to-follow street Downtown. Go north...then south...and you'll see 213 artists.

Thank you Main Street for recognizing Tom Dumke's handcrafted furniture, traditional with a modern flair.  

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