Cherry Wood

Cherry wood has a smooth texture and a straight, closed-grain pattern that is similar to maple wood. But we don’t expect uniformity in wood grains, even when the material comes from the same tree. Tree maturity mainly contributes to the grain pattern of natural wood. Pith flecks or worm tracks also create these brown streaks on the grain. Other things like mineral deposits and gum pockets affect the way the grain looks as well.

Many people are confused about the color of cherry wood because so many manufacturers are passing off low-grade wood that is finished with an unnatural dark maroon stain as ‘cherry color’, and in some cases, ‘dark cherry color’. But a low-quality stain cannot even compete with the beauty of natural cherry wood. Here at Thomas William Furniture, we don’t use cherry-colored stains, and we only use natural cherry wood for furniture pieces.

It is challenging to distinguish wood types based on appearance alone, especially if the furniture has been stained. Plus, a variety of woods have similar grain patterns, so it really is difficult to identify the material by just looking at the color and the grain. Buying furniture that is crafted by your local artisans – this is the most reasonable way to ensure that your furniture is made from real cherry wood. Small-scale furniture makers are more hands-on with the process and tend to use natural solid wood.

Cherry is of medium density with good bending properties, has low stiffness, and medium strength and shock resistance. Readily available. Fine furniture and cabinet making, moulding and millwork, kitchen cabinets, paneling, flooring, doors, boat interiors, musical instruments, turnings, and carvings. Cherry wood is considered a premium, fine-grade wood type, and cherry wood is on the pricier side compared to other types of timber, like oak or maple. The price of cherry wood type of furniture has seen a spike of 15 to 20%. However, cherry wood is expensive for a good reason. While it's classified as a “softer” hardwood, cherry wood is still a hardwood and it's no wimp. Cherry remains strong and durable over time. The Janka Hardness scale used to rate the hardness of wood rates the hardness of cherry at 950, which is a bit lower than walnut and maple, but higher than pine wood.

Experience the timeless beauty and exceptional craftsmanship of Thomas William Furniture. Our exquisite pieces are meticulously handcrafted using the finest cherry wood, known for its rich, warm hues and remarkable durability. With a dedication to quality and design, each creation from Thomas William Furniture showcases the natural elegance of cherry wood, transforming it into functional works of art that will adorn your living spaces for generations to come. Elevate your home with the allure of cherry wood furniture from Thomas William and indulge in the luxury of owning pieces that blend aesthetic appeal with unmatched quality.

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