Happy New Year!

Linda and I at Thomas William Furniture want to thank you for your business, loyalty, and support this past year. We are so very thankful as we travel on this journey of Thomas William Furniture. If you told us last Christmas our 2021 we would be again celebrating via Zoom, we most likely would think you had one too many egg nogs, but here we are 22 months after our world got turned upside down riding this rollercoaster of life with all of you. If these past two years taught us anything, it was to be grateful for so many things we normally take for granted, big and small. While there were definitely some days that left us searching for our sanity and others that flooded us with frustration and sadness, we did find our share of silver linings during this difficult season that we'll cherish for many years to come. We are starting out the New Year with gratitude and hope. While we specialize in handcrafted traditional with modern flair furniture, OUR greatest gift comes from YOU and your unwavering support of our small business over the years ~ especially these two! Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU! Happy New Year!

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