Join Us! Behind-the-Scenes Virtual Art Fair

Behind-the-Scenes Virtual Art Fair "live" June 19, 20 & 21

Join us! Thomas William Furniture is hosting a Behind-the-Scenes Virtual Art Fair. Meet our group of 12 professional artists, who, like us, make their living selling work at Fine Art Festivals throughout the country. We've assembled a wide variety of artists representing diverse genres for you to visit at our virtual art show.

We all thrive on meeting our patrons face-to-face and value the opportunity to establish relationships. We are a motivated, resilient, and unique group who choose to sell their work under highly unpredictable circumstances. Our mastery of unpredictability has motivated us to re-group in what we're calling the first Behind-The-Scenes-Virtual Art Fair.

We're so excited and eager to offer you a very special online opportunity. Not only will you meet us and view our artwork, you'll get a view into our behind-the-scenes inner sanctums. You will experience our studios, darkrooms, workshops and wood shops, all through a singular and in-depth interview presented by professional news producer and anchor, Ned Wicker. Ned will lead you through the spaces in which the magic of our creativity and hard work evolve. He invites you to step into our studios and see where creativity is taking us.

Please join us, you'll meet a ceramist, blacksmith, fiber artist, photographer, wood artjst, book artist, print maker, furniture maker and painter. Instead of embarking on our summer journeys to you, we invite you to join us in Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, California, Missouri, Ohio, New Mexico, and Colorado. We understand that art buyers have a curiosity about the work they purchase, and that patrons love to hear stories about the inspiration behind a piece and how it was made. We are all looking forward to “meeting you” and sharing a glimpse into our creative worlds. Join us on:

June 19-21 @ 1:00 p.m. Facebook “live” and YouTube "live".

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